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Cyprien Jewellery is always looking for ways to minimise the impact on the planet. Christine implements Individually handmade created from repurposed gold and silver from classic highly polished through to our 


We are passionate about our planet. We also want to ensure that what we do throughout our business, does not have a negative impact on the planet. We constantly look at ways to improve what we do. We are plastic free, use recycled packaging. We do not use harmful chemicals and we do our best to source products from the United Kingdom.

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Cyprien Jewellery is passionate about creating timeless organic contemporary heirloom items of jewellery using ethical practices and sustainable materials.

We are passionate about our planet. We also want to ensure that what we do throughout our creative practise, does not have a negative impact. Here is the outline of what we have implemented. We will continue to look at ways to make improvements.

From the beginning, we always took our studio practice seriously. It is something that continue for years doing things in a way that it out of step with what is happening in the world.

Our materials are either created from carefully sourced traceable recycled silver and gold. These are extracted from existing materials in the industry or are created after they have been used by consumers. 

Central to creating the brand, there was an important element that we were committed to incorporating into the brand, and that was to only use ethical gemstones in our creations.

It was an easy decision to make. In-depth research had been conducted as part of our university studies and even prior to that because of campaigning work that we had done. In addition, we also attended seminars with ethical jewellery experts. We are passionate about knowing where our gemstones, we use unheated and untreated gemstones. We feel it is important to know where the gemstones have been mined, that miners were treated with respect and paid a decent wage and were kept safe. 

From avoiding harmful substances that can damage individuals and the planet, through to using traditional silversmithing techniques, limiting the use of electrical equipment through to keeping our work in-house to ensure that we are happy with the practice.


We want to be responsible from the start of the process to the very end when we package your jewellery. Spending time researching sustainable packaging was worth it. From the gift boxes to the postal bag, we have sourced products that can be recycled. In addition, our ribbon is made from plastic bottles produced using waste clear PET plastic bottles,


Low mileage - We create our items in our studio in England to help minimise our carbon footprint.

From minimising our use of water through to using hand tools to reduce our use of electricity, Cyprien Jewellery is always looking for ways to improve how we work to do our bit to help the planet.

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