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Buying with Confidence


Here at Cyprien Jewellery we like to share information with our customers about our ethos and our passions. In addition, we are passionate about giving you an insight into the current legislation that we comply with.


The United Kingdom Hallmarking Act 1973 created by the British Hallmarking Council. Every item described as precious metal whether it be silver, gold, platinum and palladium. This law applies to everything sold in the UK. There are however some exceptions. Items that are below the threshold weight, are not required to be hallmarked. These include the following:

- 7.78g Silver

- 1g of Gold

- 0.5g Platinum

- 1g Palladium

Hallmark Guarantee.jpg

Cyprien Jewellery and Sheffield Assay Office

To ensure that we comply with the UK Hallmarking Act (1973), all our jewellery (apart from the exempted items), is hallmarked at the Sheffield Assay Office. 

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