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ring sizing

It is so important to have a ring that fits well. Follow our tips to ensure your rings fit well.

How can I find out my finger size?

If you do not have a ring to measure, here is a great DIY solution to measure your finger.

  1. Use some string or cut a skinny strip of paper.

  2. Wrap the string/paper around the finger to be sized until the end overlaps and the fit is comfortable.

  3. Mark the point on the string/paper where the end overlaps. This will give you the rough circumference of your ring size


Please note: This method will give you a rough idea of ring size. Several factors can affect the size - like if your finger are hot or cold, if you are or have been recently pregnant. The width of the ring band can also affect the size you require - thicker bands may wider bands may require a bigger size.

Still unsure? We are here to help, please contact us at

This guide is to be used with an existing ring to find out the ring size.  For accuracy use a ring with a similar band width and style to the one that you wish to purchase. Follow the steps to determine your ring size.

Step One

Print this page out to 100% (ensure your page scaling is set to 'none' on your printer). Once printed, check the size by measuring the line below. It should be exactly 50mm/5cm/ 1.97inches.

Step Two

Place the ring on the chart below and match the inside edge of the ring to the circle in the nearest size.

Step Three

The letter that fits best within the circle is your ring size. If the ring falls between two sizes, you should opt for the biggest size.

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